Identities & DIGITAL


Empathy is key to creating a brand. Then all it takes is dedication and good taste.


Ceará à Mesa 

Finding a visual solution that brings together local products and producers, research and gastronomy in an economically sustainable mix. This was the challenge.


It all started as a volunteering experience at the hospital, that became much more than I had expected. The identity was just an expression of all the leaning and feelings I had during the years I participated in the project.

Encontros de Agosto 

Integrating the visual identity of the event with the selected photos was a way to use the beautiful images without losing their characteristics, while also giving life to the event.



Making books is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It starts by searching and fitting the pieces together, until the final image is revealed.



If we’re telling stories, may we then tell the best ones, even if it is in an economic report. After all, behind great numbers there are always great people.

SÉRVULO ESMERALDO - The line and the light

Understanding the creative process of the sculptor, engraver and draftsman Sérvulo Esmeraldo went far beyond a simple job, it was an inspiring learning experience.


Colors of the North

Green Dreams

Zé's Almanac



I have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. So to me, designing magazines is about applying the journalistic standards I've learned, but with a visual edge.


Industries Federation magazine

The editorial design gives us many resources to talk about visually arid themes, and the illustrations were responsible for bringing in the balance.


A beautiful tribute to the Italian tailor Domenico Grabriele, his strong personality and incredible creativity.