What does your wallet say about you? Value, a photographic series that tries to go beyond photography.


Images or pictures?

“The meaning is what others put into what they do. The photos or videos that will remain, the best, will be those that have values and meanings that will be worth protecting, cultivating, retaking.”

Joaquim Pinto Vieira



When I am a device, I expounding my voice as echoes: past, present and future in the same sound image.


Copies of a copy
and the new narrative.

The video ECHOES was sent to friends who, with a cell phone, recorded what was reproduced in another device. This allowed the echoes of my voice to disappear slowly until the end of 10 copies. Gradually, the deconstruction of a discourse gave rise to the construction of an environment of multiple devices, mixing time and space for the creation of a new performative narrative.