Understanding the creative process of the sculptor, engraver and draftsman Sérvulo Esmeraldo went far beyond a simple job, it was an inspiring learning experience.



The publication sought to sift through all the drafts that built the artist's life. His paths, his own impressions about art, friends and family. An award-winning iconography of the work of the artist in Italy, France, Cuba and Brazil. A publication that reinvented itself for ten years until completion.


Light was the fascinating force of nature that charmed and guided the traits of Sérvulo. His texts and sketches were the script of the book, which goes through his works, influences and memories.



The design of the book was made for Vibri Design e Branding, with the participation of Rodrigo Meireles and Edson Junior. The editorial coordination was carried out by Dora Freitas and Silvia Furtado of Lumiar Comunicação e Consultoria and by the Sérvulo Esmeraldo Institute.