If we’re telling stories, may we then tell the best ones, even if it is in an economic report. After all, behind great numbers there are always great people.



The biannual report of the Federation of Industries set out to tell stories through numbers, graphs or through the people who have been part of the changes that have occurred in recent years. The most interesting thing is that everything made a lot more sense, because transforming indicators is the same as transforming lives.


Great contrasts, large numbers, graphs and tables. A sober report, with many white spaces and a lot of personality. This was the starting point.



The design of the book was made for LaBarca.Design, along with the designers Álvaro Beleza and Lívia Beleza. The editorial coordination was by Ana Maria Xavier and Luiz Henrique Sousa Campos. The texts and stories were by the writer Claudia Albuquerque, and the photographs by Giovanni Santos and J. Sobrinho.