Joining forces and skills to help people represents the greatest sense of community living for me. Making this book was a true example of how all this is possible.



The Shelter of the Elderly is a news book with many chronicles. From them, we can understand a little bit of the reality of some of the people who live the public shelter. Family, work, friends, love, dreams and disappointments are all keywords in the life experiences of each of the interviewees.


Delicate accounts of life, beautiful portraits and a book that brings to light a bit of the reality of the elderly and their conflicts in the current social context in which they live.



Miguel Macedo was the founder of the project, who brought together his journalism students to interview and write the story of some seniors from the shelter. The photographer Alcides Freire was responsible for the portraits of each elderly person. The books were sold and all income was reversed to purchase products for the shelter.