A dive into the legends and enchantments of the Amazon. Who would have ever imagined that toys made from the wood of the miriti tree, being as light as a feather, could carry such a strong and unique culture!



The object-book, sought to portray the visual and tactile intensity of the toys, preserving the cultural memory of a work done exclusively by the artisans of Abaetetuba, a city in the north of Brazil, within the Amazon rainforest.


The Color of the North has a photographic narrative that consists of an imaginary trajectory, from the cutting, transportation and drying of the wood, to the life of the riverine villagers, the cultural practices of the city, until the creation of the toys.



All the work was conducted by the publisher Dora Freitas and the researcher Silvia Furtado. The ethnographic research is by photographer Jarbas Oliveira and the texts are by the poet and professor doctor of the Federal University of Pará, João de Jesus Pais Loureiro. The image processing was done by Leandro Fiuza.