ATGo 2.0

Role: Senior UX Designer
Client: Tax and Customs Portuguese Authority

I was already working on developing new features for the ATGo app when a proof of concept (POC) was initiated to change the technology used in the ATGO app. In version 2.0, it was supposed that the app would work in modules, enabling the quick and lightweight creation of different environments.

Project Goals

Although the POC did not budget for a design system, it was necessary to create a style guide to organize the product as much as possible for version 2.0. The idea was to develop a modular application, a product with all the functionalities of the web page also in the mobile version. This product would be able to meet the needs of Portuguese citizens and comply with the latest guidelines for Digital Government.


From this point forward, we create a Design System for the application, as the guidelines created four years ago would not be sufficient to meet the current needs of the product. It was necessary to survey colors, typography, buttons, icons, spacing, etc., and it was found that over the years, the application no longer adhered to the initially established style guide.


At the end of the POC, it was found that it would be possible to create an app using modular templates for different user needs, with rapid development in Flutter and already with the new guidelines based on Material Design. The POC presentations to the client were a success, and it is possible that the development of the new version will be launched soon.